Welcome! We’re glad you’re here.

Are you looking for new friends, or a home away from home? Are you tired of the traditional church of wooden pews and committees?

Are you looking for ways to give back? Are you simply hungry for a relationship with God?

As we say at the beginning of every worship, all are welcome here. We are an open-minded congregation that loves God by caring for our community and for one another.

We are doing “a new thing” here at First Church, and we welcome you to join us. We’ve been waiting for you!

Quick Stats

Here’s a quick look at our congregation.

Number of Staff

Number of community partners

Worship time on 2nd and 4th sunday afternoons

What to expect

When you walk in the doors here at First Church, the first thing you’ll notice is our bright, non-traditional space. You’ll probably see a few folks in conversation near the Keurig coffee maker. In a matter of moments, you’ll be welcomed with a smile, and made to feel at home.

We’re a laid back congregation who are excited for you to join us anytime!

Our Mission Statement calls us…

    1. To love God with our whole being.
    2. To nurture ourselves and others in spiritual growth.
    3. To live God’s love in service to the community and the world.

What We believe

We believe that God is still speaking. We believe that Jesus Christ models God’s love for all people. We believe in testimonies, not tests, of faith.

First Church is part the United Church of Christ (UCC), a Protestant denomination with a proud history of social justice and education. 

God’s mysterious presence is revealed to us in so many ways! Through Scripture, music, reflection on our lived experience, and the opportunity to serve, we join on a spiritual journey.

Frequently asked Questions

How Do i get there?

We worship in a converted office building that we occupy full-time. We’re located at 1155 Broadway Suite 130, at the corner of Broadway and Woodside near downtown Redwood City. We share a driveway with Smart & Final. Drive towards the back of the second parking lot, and look for our bright, welcoming banners. Then you’ll know you’re here!

Where do I park?

Our building is located in the back of a large parking lot. Our bright, welcoming banners tell you where we are. You are welcome to park in any spot that is not reserved for Smart & Final.

What will worship be like?

In our informal setting, worship feels relaxed but deeply spiritual. Our people come from a variety of religious backgrounds, and we strive to reflect that diversity.


We include beloved hymns, as well as more contemporary songs. Our pastor’s reflections use stories to make Scripture come alive. We celebrate Holy Communion each time we worship, and all are welcome at our table.


Our worship lasts about an hour. At the end of worship, we often welcome a Guest Speaker to share about a local nonprofit organization or social justice issue.


After we worship, we eat! Community dinners are delicious, and always have a vegetarian option. They’re a great time for conversation with new friends. Everyone’s encouraged to stick around.

Do I have to be a member to take communion?

All people of all ages seeking a relationship with the living God are welcome to take Communion. We celebrate Communion by intinction at First Church, which means that everyone is invited to come up front, take a piece of bread and dip the bread in the chalice of juice.

Where do my children go during worship?

During worship, we set up a special “Children’s Corner,” with games, activities, and Bible lessons, in a room next to our sanctuary. Some children prefer to hang out there, while some children prefer to remain in worship with their parents. Our flexible space allows families to figure out what’s best for them.

Who's welcome at First Church?

Everyone is! We have lifelong church members and newcomers to this whole “church” thing. We have grandparents and children. As an “Open and Affirming” congregation, we intentionally welcome people of all sexual orientations and gender identities. We truly mean it when we say that all are welcome here.