About us

Pastor Warren Dale

Our Bridging Pastor, Warren Dale, is an ordained minister and brings us a vast variety of experience. As a graduate of the California Maritime Academy, he sailed in the Merchant Marine as an Able Bodied Seaman and a Third Mate. He completed course work in World Business before attending Pacific School of Religion. He has served churches in transition in Oakland, San Mateo, Vallejo, and Redwood City. For 25 years he served beyond the local church as a licensed counselor specializing in trauma recovery, and as such, provided recovery training in post disaster areas such as the San Bruno Fire, Bosnian War, El Salvador earthquakes, Indonesian Tsunami, post war Angola, and the hurricanes in New Orleans. In 1986 he helped found the Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center and is the first Board Member Emeritus. He continues to facilitate community engagement discussions. He served on the Redwood City Art Commission for 20 years and was selected by the Sequoia Awards as co citizen of the year with his wife, Georgi LaBerge.

Kathie Fosgett

Kathie Fosgett serves as our full time Executive Director. Her primary responsibility is to build and carry out our strategic plans and policies while maintaining a high level of functionality and organization. Her volunteer experience and on-going education moved her towards corporate management primarily in the areas of administration, operations, outreach, and marketing.

Due to a variety of circumstances and an aging congregation, First Church has adopted a more ‘staff-based’, less traditional style of ‘being church’. We also made an intentional decision to give back to our community by adopting a new model to establish partnerships with community groups whose work makes Redwood City a more just and compassionate place to live. Kathie finds that the most rewarding aspect of this position is the opportunity to network with other organizations who share our values and sense of social justice with a goal of fostering cross-pollination to better effect the use of resources, particularly for small or low budget organizations.