About us

We are a small, inclusive, welcoming community of passion and purpose who have been living our faith and loving our community since 1862. Even though we are small, we are a strong, cohesive group of Christians with similar values and goals. We meet every Sunday at 5:00pm for worship or learning.

But, our primary mission is to identify areas of need in our community and to take action through direct support or by connecting with other non-profits to form partnerships of compassion and justice. These critical partnerships allow us to work together to make an effective impact on identified needs.

Pastor Warren Dale

Our Bridging Pastor, Warren Dale, is an ordained minister and brings us a vast variety of experience. As a graduate of the California Maritime Academy, he sailed in the Merchant Marine as an Able Bodied Seaman and a Third Mate. He completed course work in World Business before attending Pacific School of Religion. He has served churches in transition in Oakland, San Mateo, Vallejo, and Redwood City. For 25 years he served beyond the local church as a licensed counselor specializing in trauma recovery, and as such, provided recovery training in post disaster areas such as the San Bruno Fire, Bosnian War, El Salvador earthquakes, Indonesian Tsunami, post war Angola, and the hurricanes in New Orleans. In 1986 he helped found the Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center and is the first Board Member Emeritus. He continues to facilitate community engagement discussions. He served on the Redwood City Art Commission for 20 years and was selected by the Sequoia Awards as co citizen of the year with his wife, Georgi LaBerge.

Kathie Fosgett

Our dear friend Kathie Fosgett passed away from a stroke on Labor Day weekend, 2021. Kathie served as our full time Executive Director, working primarily in the areas of administration, operations, outreach, and marketing. Kathie found that the most rewarding aspect of this position was the opportunity to foster cross-pollination and resource-sharing with other organizations who share First Church of Redwood City’s values and sense of social justice. She also loved spiritual celebrations, wine tasting, and music. Many of you have asked how you might commemorate her. An online celebration of her life was held on Nov. 7, 2021. For those wishing to celebrate her life with a gift, her family asks that you donate in her memory to Pacific School of Religion. Kathie will be remembered fondly by all of us here at First Church Redwood City, United Church of Christ.