Frequently asked questions

Where is your church located?

We closed our offices and shut down in-person worship due to the pandemic. We hope to soon resume in-person service in a new location. Our staff is currently using a work-from-home model and can be contacted at any time by emailing info@FirstChurchRWC.org or by calling (650) 369-0344.

When do you hold worship services?

We are committed to continuing worship celebrations that are relevant and meaningful with learning studies on alternate weeks. Thus, we meet every Sunday at 5:00 pm via Zoom. For the Zoom link or call-in number, contact info@FirstChurchRWC.org. All are welcome!

How can I learn more?

The best option for current and upcoming information is to subscribe to our electronic Newsletter. You can choose to unsubscribe at any time.

What do you teach about the Bible?

The Bible is a collection of writings that were written and collected over a period of more than a thousand years. These ancient texts reveal to us the human understanding of God and how people of Jewish and Christian faith have related to God for thousands of years. The New Testament speaks to us in particular about the life and teaching of Jesus.

What does it mean to be Christian?

We believe that Jesus, in his life and teaching, revealed God’s essence (love) and passion (abundant life for all) to the world. As Christians, we commit ourselves to discovering how to live in God’s essence and join God’s Spirit, which leads us in transforming ourselves and the world into a place of wholeness for everyone.

What is a welcoming community?

In its statement of faith, the UCC quotes John 17:21, which states, “they may all be one,” to reflect the belief in being united as a church and uniting others. The church uses extravagant welcome, which is the act of welcoming all people into the church community, to unite church members with people of other faiths. Within the church, members are united in a priesthood of believers, which is the belief that all congregation members are equal and united as servants of God.

What do you teach about homosexuality?

We believe that God loves all people as they are, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. This includes lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered persons. We welcome everyone into the life of our church and invite people to participate at all levels of service and leadership.

How can I get involved?

After the pandemic and when it is safe to gather in person once again, we will resume a variety of SMALL GROUPS. Before the shutdown, these small groups covered a broad range of interests and needs such as an exercise class for those of limited mobility, visits to Hillcrest Juvenile Hall, food collections for Second Harvest Food Bank, Prayer Groups, Movies that Matter, a small choir, etc. Please let us know of your interests in social activities, community outreach, social justice reform, or others by writing us at info@FirstChurchRWC.org .

What is the UCC?

The UCC, is the United Church of Christ, is a denomination of Christianity known for its belief in God speaking to Christians through new interpretations of scripture. This denomination also believes that God is the only governing body of the church. Each church affiliated with this denomination has a great amount of autonomy, and members do not have to follow any creed or doctrine. However, all UCC churches have statements of faith that include the same components.

What does the UCC believe about Communion?

Unlike other Christian denominations, the UCC encourages members of all faiths to participate in communion during worship services. This practice results from the belief that all people are God’s children, and all of God’s children should participate in communion to commemorate God’s sacrifice. While breaking bread during communion, members of UCC churches believe that they are creating a “cloud of witness” that includes deceased members of the church. The act of communion creates unity among past and present church members.